vrijdag 29 juli 2016

Aftellen ...


uit de reeks reisschetsen van Budapest
(schetsboektekening, naar de èchte anonymus)
29,07/42 cm

Way back in time lived and worked - in silence and anonymity -
human beings on whom's shoulders
our society is build.

They were the nameless people who created the possibility for others to become legends.
Also in our time live a huge number of them.
They work for a better world, not with their mouth but with their hands.

I dedicate this one to all those silent workers who change the face of the earth for the better, without jumping on tables or making a fuzz about it.

They are my true heroes.

Het beeld van "Anonymus" bevindt zich in de
Pest, District 14
te Budapest

Read more about the statue here 

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